Allan Savory

Fight desertification and climate change

  Allan Savory: How to fight desertification and reverse climate change TED | February 2013, posted to I am Wilderness 13 April 2013 “Desertification is a fancy word for land that is...

Can synthetic biology save wildlife?

  PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SCIENCE | 2 April 2013 What effects will the rapidly growing field of synthetic biology have on the conservation of nature? The ecological and ethical challenges stemming...
American black bear

Black Bears: Here, Gone, and Back Again

  WILDLIFE CONSERVATION SOCIETY | 28 March 2013 Nevada’s black bears rapidly reoccupying former range RENO, Nevada – A new study from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Nevada Department of...

The Narcissism of De-Extinction

  By HANNAH WATERS in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN | March 15, 2013 If people had the ability to resurrect extinct species (dubbed “ de-extinction ”) and reintroduce them to the wild, should...
Southern gastric-brooding frog and habitat

Lost frog DNA revived: Lazarus Project

  UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES | 15 March 2013 The genome of an extinct Australian frog has been revived and reactivated by a team of scientists using sophisticated cloning technology...

Tanzania: Kihansi spray toads reintroduced

  By ABDULWAKIL SAIBOKO | 12 March 2013 KILOMBERO — Tanzania has gone down in history as the world's first country to successfully reintroduce into the wild amphibians that had been in...

Should We Bring Back Extinct Animals?

  Species Revival: Should We Bring Back Extinct Animals? Scientists are debating whether to bring back vanished species. By JAMIE SHREEVE in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC NEWS | 5 March 2013 On May 6, 1930, a Tasmanian...

The future of wolverines

  The future of wolverines By KYLIE PAUL of DEFENDERS OF WILDLIFE in THE RANGE blog on High Country News | 25 February 2013, 12:00 A.M. After more than a decade of...

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Indigenous people want to make Amazon Rainforest world's biggest protected area

Indigenous people want to make Amazon rainforest world’s biggest protected area

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ocean wilderness

Scientists Find Very Little Ocean Wilderness Remains

A new study in Current Biology finds that very little ocean wilderness remains intact and almost none of it remains in coastal areas.  The...
plastic pollution

Breaking Free from Plastic Pollution

LAUREN REID for GREENPEACE | 27 October 2017 With a truckload’s worth of trash entering our ocean every minute of every day, it’s not hard...