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Nilson Tuwe Huni Kui

From the Amazon to the Big Apple

  Culture shock for Amazon chief's son who left rainforest for New York BBC NEWS | 17 March 2013, 8:26 PM ET Nilson Tuwe Huni Kui lives a long way from New...

Developing perspective in Antarctica

  By PETER REJCEK on ANTARCTIC SUN | 15 March 2013 Developing new perspectives Writer tackles themes of conservation, economics for Antarctic project Larissa Min’s family is originally from Korea. She was born in...

Yasuní: Jewel of nature atop sea of oil

  Yasuní National Park: Jewel of nature atop a sea of oil By JOHN VIDAL on GULF NEWS | 14 March 2013, 9:30 P.M. EST American biologist Kelly Swing thwacks a bush...
Into the Heart of Yasuni

Into the Heart of Ecuador’s Yasuní

  Into the Heart of Yasuní By YALE ENVIRONMENT 360 | 14 March 2013 Few places on earth harbor as much biodiversity as the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve, a 6,500-square-mile territory in eastern Ecuador...

Argentina declares two new marine parks

  Argentine Wildlife Gain 2 New Marine Parks By DOUGLAS MAIN, OURAMAZINGPLANET STAFF WRITER on LIVE SCIENCE | 14 March 2013, 5:33 PM ET Two new large wildlife reserves have been created in Argentina's...
Orinoco Goose

Colombian Orinoco Basin in danger

  The natural ecosystems in the Colombian Orinoco Basin are in danger By ANA M. ALDANA via PENSOFT PUBLISHERS | 12 March 2013 Increasing of protected area does not necessarily lead to proportional...
Amazon rainforest

Protected areas work in the Amazon

  Protected areas successfully prevent deforestation in Amazon rainforest Contact JIM ERICKSON of UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN  | 11 March 2013 ANN ARBOR—Strictly protected areas such as national parks and biological reserves have...

Yasuní – the film

UPDATED 15 March 2103, 12:13 A.M. EST Filmmaker Nico Entel of Red Creek Productions has directed this trailer Yasuní - about Ecuador's biodiverse yet oil rich Amazonian national park. From Entel's blog: In...

Saving Yasuni: a revolutionary plan

  Saving Yasuni: Can a revolutionary plan protect the rainforest from commercial exploitation? By STANLEY JOHNSON in THE INDEPENDENT | 10 March 2013 Ecuador's Yasuni National Park is not only one of...

Peru: Amazonian conservation in action

  Peru: Amazonian conservation in action By SIMEON TEGEL on THE INDEPENDENT | 9 March 2013 A stay at the Tambopata Research Center requires effort, but the rewards include stunning wildlife encounters,...

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Scientists Find Very Little Ocean Wilderness Remains

A new study in Current Biology finds that very little ocean wilderness remains intact and almost none of it remains in coastal areas.  The...
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Breaking Free from Plastic Pollution

LAUREN REID for GREENPEACE | 27 October 2017 With a truckload’s worth of trash entering our ocean every minute of every day, it’s not hard...
Colombian Amazon

Open destruction in the Colombian Amazon after FARC’s exit

Esteban Montaño/Semana Sostenible on MONGABAY | 20 April 2018 In 2015, 24,142 hectares of forest were lost, which is almost 20 percent of Colombia’s...