Fires in Western Australia

Fires in Western Australia

  ADAM VOILAND and LYNN JENNER on NASA | 30 April 2013 In Western Australia, the wet season occurs between December and March and the dry season between May and October....
Stumpy's Bay

Pristine wilderness? A load of rubbish

  By ANDREW DARBY in THE AGE | 13 April 2013 The sand is untracked and the nearest road a few days' walk, but the beaches of Tasmania's World Heritage wilderness...
pig-nose turtle

Indonesia bust reveals pig-nosed turtles

  Indonesia Airport Confiscates Hundreds of Endangered Pig-Nosed Turtles CATHERINE GRIFFIN  on SCIENCE WORLD REPORT | 1 April 2013, 2:21 PM EDT Reptiles are a popular commodity, apparently. Indonesian authorities have confiscated...
Fisherman in Papua New Guinea

Sustainable fishing practices produce local rewards

  CELL PRESS | 28 March 2013 Communities that act locally to limit their fish catches will reap the rewards of their action, as will their neighbors. That's the conclusion of...

101 new beetle species

  Papuan phonebook helps scientists describe 101 new beetle species PENSOFT | 27 March 2013 DNA analysis helps to rapidly discover new species in order to beat their extinction rates Tropical rainforests are...
"Kill Bill"

Introducing: the ‘Kill Bill’ of the wasp world

  'Kill Bill' character inspires the name of a new parasitoid wasp species PENSOFT PUBLISHERS | 19 March 2013 1 of 3 recently discovered wasp species was named after Beatrix Kiddo, referring...
Southern gastric-brooding frog and habitat

Lost frog DNA revived: Lazarus Project

  UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES | 15 March 2013 The genome of an extinct Australian frog has been revived and reactivated by a team of scientists using sophisticated cloning technology...
Tasmanian devil

Hope for threatened Tasmanian devils

Via UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE  | 11 March 2013 Research paves way for the development of a vaccine for the contagious cancer which is driving Tasmanian devils to the brink of...

New species found in Papua New Guinea

  From BBC NEWS | 11 March 2013, 4:09 P.M. ET A British expedition team has discovered a giant rat, carnivorous plants, and butterflies among 80 new species while filming in...
Tarkine Rainforest

10 of the world’s last great wilderness areas

  10 of the world's last great wilderness areas By JINI REDDY on CNN TRAVEL | 5 March 2013, 7:13 P.M. EST (CNN) -- Computers, cell phones and Aeron chairs will only get...

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Indigenous people want to make Amazon rainforest world’s biggest protected area

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ocean wilderness

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Breaking Free from Plastic Pollution

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