Waorani children in Bameno village. Photo: Arlo Hemphill, I am Wilderness


Ika on the Bameno River. Photo: Arlo Hemphill, I am Wilderness

Clothing donations are being sought in the Washington, DC / Baltimore metropolitan areas to benefit the Waorani communities of the western Amazon.  Occupying nearly 2 million hectares of primary tropical rainforest, the Waorani live in remote, scattered settlements, many of them accessible only by canoe.  The Waorani have been in contact with Western Society for less than a 100 years and since then have faced extreme pressures from oil development, illegal logging and the encroachment of development.

I am Wilderness is putting together a care package of clothing (used or new), day bags and duffel bags to support the Waorani people.  Desired clothing should be light-weight and appropriate for a warm weather climate.  Women and children sizes and styles are especially appreciated.  Men’s clothing should err on the side of  smaller sizes by U.S. standards.  Accessories, outdoor gear and camping supplies are also welcome.

A representative of the Waorani, Moi Enomenga, will be visiting Washington, D.C. in early May and will return to Ecuador with the clothing donations.  Donations should be made prior to May 7, 2017.

To make a donation or coordinate a pick-up, contact Arlo Hemphill at (202) 746-3484.