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Dispatch from Atlantis

From 23 September to 12 October, Arlo Hemphill of I am Wilderness worked with Greenpeace USA and the crew of the Arctic Sunrise to help capture a glimpse of...
Trump national monument review

How to Comment on the Trump National Monument Review

Comment Now In an apparent effort to dismantle critical protections for American wilderness on land and sea, President Trump has issued an Executive Order to review the status of National...

The Tropical Sea of Peru: A Paradise of Hope

The short documentary "The Tropical Sea of Peru: A Paradise of Hope " received an honorary award at the Blue Oceans Film Festival & Conservation Summit 2016, St. Petersburg,...


ARLO HEMPHILL for I AM WILDERNESS | 13 May 2017 The curiquingue - or carunculated caracara Phalcoboenus carunculatus - live only in the high altitude paramo grasslands of Ecuador and...
rare white wolf

Rare White Wolf Killed in Yellowstone Park Was Shot Illegally

JIM ROBBINS on THE NEW YORK TIMES | 12 May 2017 "A rare white female wolf that hikers found as she lay dying last month on the north side of...
Antarctic study

Antarctic study shows central ice sheet is stable since milder times

UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH | 5 May 2017 Central parts of Antarctica's ice sheet have been stable for millions of years, from a time when conditions were considerably warmer than now,...
offshore wind farms

Scientists track porpoises to assess impact of offshore wind farms

UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE (UMCES) | 5 May 2017 SOLOMONS, MD -- A new study by scientists at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science's Chesapeake...
wolf pack

Denmark gets its first wild wolf pack in 200 years

PATRICK BARKHAM on THE GUARDIAN | 4 May 2017 "A wolf pack is roaming wild in Denmark for the first time in more than 200 years after a young female...

Deep-diving technology finds little filter feeder has giant carbon cycling impact

MONTEREY BAY AQUARIUM RESEARCH INSTITUTE (MBARI) | 3 May 2017 Using a novel deep-sea technology, scientists have measured for the first time how a species of zooplankton called giant larvaceans...

Controversial study claims humans reached Americas 100,000 years earlier than thought

EWEN CALLAWAY on NATURE NEWS | 27 April 2017 "Ancient humans settled in North America around 130,000 years ago, suggests a controversial study — pushing the date back more than...

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plastic pollution

Breaking Free from Plastic Pollution

LAUREN REID for GREENPEACE | 27 October 2017 With a truckload’s worth of trash entering our ocean every minute of every day, it’s not hard...
Colombian Amazon

Open destruction in the Colombian Amazon after FARC’s exit

Esteban Montaño/Semana Sostenible on MONGABAY | 20 April 2018 In 2015, 24,142 hectares of forest were lost, which is almost 20 percent of Colombia’s...

Deep sea mining could destroy underwater Lost City, scientists warn

ED CONWAY on SKY NEWS | 5 March 2018 "One of the world's most important sites of scientific interest has been officially designated as part...